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Thursday, June 09, 2005
as if shuttin down my site wasn't enough also deleted my original email account. so i had to get a new one. i tried to get but they won't let me have that login anymore. bitches.

anyway, my new email addy is now

like anyone's gonna write, right?.., all my readers probably forgot about me already.

ah well. life. such.

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sure is dusty and cobwebby round herre
ya go away for a while an' try to live your life an ya come back an geoshitties shuts down your site. fuck.

oh hi.

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Thursday, November 11, 2004

heya lambs. sorry fer bein' awol ("a whore on leave"). i been busy. ya know... yadda-yadda-yadda.

quick updates:

1. i got hired at the gap. as of october 11, 2004... i'm a double-income girl! woo!

2. i'm still fuckin' my boss.

3. i went on a crazy date yesterday. i'll tell ya about it at another time. i have to go back to do more filin' an' stuff. later....

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Monday, September 27, 2004

sick is unsexy
anybody want laringitis? *hawks up a wad of phlegm an' spits into the trash can* bah.

in other news..., chris knows this guy who works at the gap about ten minutes from where i work, they're lookin for parttime people. so he's gon try to get me a job there. not exactly my first choice but i aint exactly doin anythin to find a better one either, so wat the hell.,

still in other news... (shit, why am i talkin like barbara walters? damn the expectorant!) tracey's still seein travis. girl is totally gon' britney on me... i swear to god, the only thin missin is a 25-thousand dollar weddin dress an an unfiled marriage license. i havent hung out wit the bitch in a while because she's always busy wit her man an' stuff.

my boss an' i are back on good terms. we went out an' had a business lunch on friday, just the two of us. he told me his wife's pregnant with their third baby. didn't seem too happy about it. i was like, "well, you're havin another kid... isn't that reason for celebratin?" an' then he gave me this sad look. an' i just knew where it was goin'... i was like, "whatever, just eat your vegetables an' don't say a word." anyway, i ended up givin him a blowjob in the parking garage an' swallowin his cum without washin it down. we went straight to a meetin afterward. i kept coughin all throughout. i think his jizz acted as the catalist for my sickness.

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Thursday, September 23, 2004

britney's perogative
so,, britney's got a new single out. it's a remake of a bobby brown song. heard it yet? seen the vid yet? what do you thank? i dunno. i'm not fellin it as much as i normally do any britney song. meh. i'm sure it'll grow on me the way "me against the music" did.

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Monday, September 20, 2004

so, like, i didn't see the cute courier guy come on friday. i got called into a mettin so i just stuck the note in between the packages that he was pickin up that day. i was sure that he was gon be there.

but, murphy's law... he didn't do the pickup that day. you know who did? this guy i call the fat bastard. because he reminds me of that character from the austin powers movie. anyway, long story short... he called my cell. i was totally freaked out when i heard his voice tryin to be all sexy an' stuff. i was like, "what the hell? that wasn't meant for you, fuckhead!" an' then i hung up. but the asshole kept callin me up all weekend. i felt like kim basinger in that phone movie of hers. drove me crazy! ugh! i'm sooo stupid! now i'ma hafta get a new number.


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Friday, September 17, 2004

hott package
there's this cute courier guy that i' been eyein' for a month now. he only does our pickups on fridays. anyway, he's totally hott,, an' i can tell from the bulge in his pants that he's "gifted" lolol. i think i'ma slip him a note today. how's this sound:

hey you,

i think you're madd hott. i'd love to give you a blow job sometime.

call me... xxx-xxx-xxxx

[drwaing of little heart next to my name]

like, if you're a guy an' you got a note like that from a girl... what wud you do?

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you've got slutmail!
Dear Sabrina.

I just wanted to leave you a note saying im glad you brought the site back, and you are still my favorate slut... the things i would do to you with my tool.. hotdamn. I think im in love.


thanks, babe!


G'day Sabrina,

Steve from Australia.

Cool site. Couldn't stop reading it. Found it whils't i was at work,
haven't been doin any since reading your sexy adventures.

You are one sexy woman. You should come to OZ. I'd could show you a few
things. Great parties, great clubs, great sex. I'd ride you 24/7.

mmmm... would love to go to australia someday,, you australians are the hottest dawgs evah.


you need a good hard ramming hot lady. I've got 11 and 1/2" I'd love to ram you with. when hard this measures up good. Let's get together

[nazzty picture removed to comply with censors]

omg... you've got orange pubes!


Hello- I saw your post on the net and thought I would send you a msg.
27 M from Ark. and travel around the country for work. Love to meet
you if
in your area. Will send you a picture. Write back.


i dated somone from arkansas once. his name was peter. big guy, but my god, he must have the smallest dick in the world. but he doesn't think so. he thinks he's fuckin dirk diggler or somethin. whenever we'd fuck, he wud always ask me if he's hurtin me down there. an' i'd be like totally fakin it, "oh yeah, baby... but i like the pain... it makes me feel so alive.. fuck me wit yo big dick, baby."

anyway, where was i? oh, yeah, i don't do the write backs. sorry, hun.


Hi Sabrina I'm "mailing" you from Belgium and I've just read a part of
blog (not everything 'cause my english isn't perfect lol) and I've got
Of course, I'm not saying that being a slut is good or right (u know
what I
mean, don't you ?), even if where I live, girls are "Bitch-Fashionned"
dressed (I hope it makes, but to assume what you are is an
example for each and everyone of us !!

Go on well, and keep doing like protecting yourself !!


is that a belgian waffle in yer pocket, or are you just happy to see me?


Sluts are fucking the most ignorant lowest type of a human I can think
I just wanted to email you and say fuck anyone that excepts their a
slut and
continues their worthless life. To speak on both genders properly, go
YOURSELVES, all you sluts can continue fucking the shit out your stupid
lives and stupid integrity, spread your fucking disease and your legs
and don't try to picture yourself as a stupid old wrinkly cunt, that I
you as, I have more evil in me though, because I want to be the next
and send you bitches with me straight to hell, you like that, you won't
me behind your stupid ass slapping you into place, so dont even get wet
bitch. you'd think I had a bad experience or something, no, I only fuck
virgins and I got hiv SLUT. haha, well fuck these jokes, and fuck what
think beauty is and fun, this issue will be resolved soon enough, when
kills you all off. fuck this femine society!!! I hate you bitches. and
want to fuck the shit out YOU!!! at least with a male dominated
society, we
know exactly where you sluts are!! we'll fucking tatoo your forehead,
the guy that does it will probably get some. hahaha. dont fucking
either, I don't want you to feel some redemption or anything. justify
fucking deception. nor will I check to read it. SQUEAL LIKE A PIG!!

*snif* did you have garlic pie for breakfast?


I like the new design. I hope you keep the blog up.

Dave "I last way longer than 10 minutes"

thanks, hun!


I love your site. I'm hoping you've stopped by mine?

Take care and stay slutty, love ya :)


that's pretty hot shit you got there, jonny. i likes!


plz send me some nice stories abt br,utal sex,rape, anal or any erotic stories as i dont get accecc to those sites


um, how about... no?


i really dig your site. im glad to see that there are women out there that just wanna fuck and make no bones about it. too bad you werent living in honolulu i'd show you how a true hawaiian male handles his business. much love and peace!


would love to do hawaii someday. do you guys walk around wearin grass skirts an' stuff all the time? or only on sundays?


hi there sexy girl ,em flava!!!!!!!!!





Ralph Wiggum



suck my cock bitch

that;s yer cock? i thought it was a mosqito bite or somethin.


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Thursday, September 16, 2004

trashlee simpson
i was just discussin the subject of trashlee simpson with a coworker. ya know... i don't understand the popularity of that girl. i just don't get it. i mean,, she can't sing... her sister jessica is a much better vocalist. looks-wise, she's not all that... she has an ugly big nose an' hips that suggest if she don't watch what she eats, she'll go kristy alley faster than you can say 15-piece bucket of kfc. she just nasty! i dunno what people see in her.
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lose my breath
omg!!! how hott is the new destinty's child song???

Can you keep up?
Baby boy, lemme lose my breath
Bring the noise, make me lose my breath
Hit me Hard, lemme lose my (Hah Hah)

it's my new theme song! lolol

this single will be huge! i can't wait for november!

okay... back to the curling iron.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

i just got yelled at in an email... the guy who runs our database solutions an what not. i only asked him about somethin that he said he'd fix for me. that was like eleventy weeks ago.

i wasn't, like, naggin or anythin. i just politely asked if he's been able to do antyhin with it.

an then i get this bitchy reply: "well, i'm busy, and in the grand scheme of things, your problem is not that importnnt!"

an i'm like, "gee thanks. i'm sorry for askin!"

ugh. i hate workin with fat insecure 'mos.

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Friday, September 10, 2004

broke slut
just paid all my bills. when all the checks cash, i will have -25.03 in the bank until the next paycheck. i wanna cry.

i'm seriously considerin professionally whorin myself to augment by meager income. bah.

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Friday, September 03, 2004

dancin with fags
went out dancin last nite with chris at his fave thursday nite gay haunt. i wasn't really in the mood,, besides goin to a gay bar always gets me down becos you see all of these hot guys, an' none of them wants to fuck you. bah.

anyway, chris bribed me into goin by offerin to buy me all my drinks. he said he was meetin up with this guy for the first time, an' he wanted to have a backup escape plan (me) in case he doesn't like him. i waslike, w/e.

so i went,, chris picked me up in his brand new red mini-cooper, which i totally fell in love with. i told him that i'd be willin to be his escape plan forever if he bought me one of those babies. he waslike, "you wish!"

when we got to the club, it was already packed with gorgeous guys. mmost of them looked like freshmen students. i found out that it was some kind of gay frosh week nite or somethin. chris's date turned out to be fuckin hot. so he ditched me after buyin me two drinks so that he could go home an' fuck mr. cutie's brains out. i yelled at him "i love to hate you, bitch!" as he was walkin away. he yelled back, "hate to luv ya, sweetie!"

i stayed for a little while becos the dj started playin really good music. like, they played a really cool remix of janet's "all nite (don't stop)". i was right in the middle of the dancefloor dancin wit the boys. this one boy dancin in front of me told me he liked the way i danced an' shook my ass an' that i reminded him of ciara. that totally put me in agood mood.

when someone started passin x i was like, "hey, pass that dutch, yo!" it was the first time i'd had x in like forever. b4 you know it, i was suckin faces with this really hot gay guy who's the best kisser i've ever locked lips with. there isn't a spot in my mouth that his tongue didn't xplore. i was totally turned on! i was sooo ready to drag him outta there an fyck him in the parkin lot. then reality kicked in. i was like, "fuck!" i jokinly asked him if he felt anythin down there, like, have an rerction or somethin, an he was like shakin his head an smilin. i said, "that's cool/ just checkin to make sure...' an then i excused myself to the washroom, an made my way out an went home.

when i got home, mr. dildo got lucky.

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Thursday, September 02, 2004

sick of dick
bah. i'm sick of dick chaney and all this republican crap. fact, i'm sick of all this election crap. can we just pick the new president from a hat and move on? when is michael jackson's trial goin to start? i need some real news!
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email my crap
i was bored so i played around with the design a lil bit, an' also added the special "email this post" feature. like anyone would use that.

speakin of... how cum no one's leavin cumments? bah!

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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

yes, i'm still alive
we laid off a bunch of people so i been workin my ass off both during and after office hours. things are finally lettin up. whew!

did ya miss me? i'll bet you did. lol

my god! so much has changed with blogger. now i got comments! yay! now you can all harass me an' stuff. lolol

the boss situation isn't too great these days. we had a big fight last week because i had an abrtion. it was his baby, natch. i didn't want it, but he was like, "i want it! let's have it!" an i was like, "no." he's still hung up about this whole idea of me an' him livin happliy ever after. he can't seem to get it into his head that i'm only in it for the sex. i don't want to live happily ever after with him. so, yeah. he's upset with me. i'm like, what-ever. you'll come runnin back to claudia in a few days.

anyway, i have to go meet up with tracey for dinner. keep the chair warm for me.

lots of luv!

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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

that's it! i'm done with american idol this season. the two people that i hate the most - soccer mom and duck girl - are fighting it out next week for the finale. yukk. latoya shoulda won! she was robbed!
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Monday, May 17, 2004

last nite, the boss an i had a "business dinner." well, that's what he told his wife anyway. wink wink... nudge nudge... we rented a room at the best western just outside of the city.. had fantastic kinky sex. i tied him up to the bed posts an 'tortured' him. made him eat me out for like an hour. lol

while we were layin in bed windin down from the sexhibition we had, he kept fingerin my pussy, which was still slobbery with my lady juices. an then he started talkin to it an referrin to it in the third person. he calls it "claudia" lol

anyhoww... i better get "claudia" to the bathroom. i need to take a piss,, an get started with work. busy busy day ahead. oh my fuck. i don't even know where to begin. i got tons of reports to merge, vouchers to consolidate an file, calls to set up... bah.

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